Floor Overview

What is Floor?

A user-friendly mobile app that supports NFT enthusiasts in understanding their NFTs, discovering new ones, and participating in Web3 communities. It has supported over 1,000s of users in the past year and is available in the App Store & Play Store.

Main Features
Track NFTs across multiple wallets
Market alerts
Watched collections
Browse listings directly in the app
Make NFTs more accessible and understandable

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Frequently asked questions

To request an invite to Floor, you can download the Floor app and join the waitlist. Floor is currently invite-only, but they are planning to open registration to all users after phase three. In the settings page of the Floor app, you will be able to claim your Floor username. The ability to change your username will be rolled out in the future as they progress through phases of the username claim rollout.

Floor supports NFT collections on ETH, Polygon, and Solana.

Yes, you can track NFTs from different blockchains on Floor.

The main features of Floor include:

  1. Community: Floor is a community of individuals passionate about NFTs and the possibilities of web3.

  2. Weekly Calls: Floor offers weekly calls with their team, providing an opportunity for engagement and fun.

  3. Partner AMAs: Floor hosts Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with partners on Twitter Spaces, allowing users to ask questions.

  4. Alpha Sharing Rewards: Users can earn rewards for sharing alpha, encouraging community participation.

  5. Speaker Series: Floor plans to organize speaker series with web3 leaders in the future.

  6. Collection Specific Discord Channels: Users can join collection-specific Discord channels to connect with other members and even chat with project founders.

  7. Multi-Chain Support: Floor supports collections on Ethereum (ETH), Polygon, and Solana blockchains.

  8. Market Monitoring: Users can stay on top of the market with alerts and watched collections.

  9. In-App Listing Browsing: Users can browse NFT listings directly within the Floor app.

  10. Accessibility and Understandability: Floor aims to make NFTs more accessible and understandable for users.

  11. Positive User Feedback: Users have expressed their satisfaction with the Floor app, praising its usability, clean design, and comprehensive information.

  12. Available on iOS and Android: Floor is available for both iOS and Android devices.

  13. Invite-Only: Floor is currently invite-only, and interested users can join the waitlist within the app.

Yes, Floor is available on both iOS and Android.

To join the Floor community, you can download the Floor app and request an invite. The app is currently invite-only, so you can also ask around on Twitter for an invitation. Once you have access to the app, you can claim your Floor username within the settings page. Additionally, Floor offers weekly calls with their team, partner AMAs on Twitter Spaces, and rewards for sharing alpha. They also have collection-specific Discord channels where you can chat with other members of the Floor community.

The benefits of using Floor compared to other NFT apps include:

  1. Exceptional NFT tracking: Floor is praised for its ability to track NFTs across multiple wallets and provide real-time updates on their performance.

  2. User-friendly interface: Users appreciate the clean and intuitive user interface of the Floor app, making it easy to navigate and access the desired information.

  3. Comprehensive information: Floor provides a wealth of information, including NFT performance, volume of newly released projects, watchlists, and more, allowing users to stay informed about the market.

  4. Mobile accessibility: Floor is available on both iOS and Android, making it convenient for users to monitor their NFTs on the go.

  5. Focus on simplicity: Floor is commended for its simplicity and ability to do one thing exceptionally well, which is NFT tracking. This focus on a specific function enhances usability and user experience.

  6. Positive community and building momentum: Users express enthusiasm and bullishness towards Floor, indicating a strong community and potential for growth in the future.

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