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A Bitcoin NFT marketplace powered by Stacks, enabling settlement through Bitcoin. Gamma offers an open marketplace for Bitcoin NFTs, a creator launchpad for 100% creator-owned Ethereum, and a social platform for creators and collectors in a web3-native way. Users can showcase and share their NFTs on their decentralized identity-based profiles, combining multiple Stacks and Ethereum wallets.

Main Features
Low-cost editions
Recursive editions
High-resolution originals
Limited edition collections
Generative art pieces

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Frequently asked questions

Prints are a type of digital artwork that are created as low-cost, recursive editions from a single high-resolution original. They are part of Gamma's collection and are created by partner artists. Prints can be purchased digitally and have a specific price in sats (satoshis) and dollars. They also have associated fees, such as Bitcoin fees and Gamma fees.

Partner artists can create editions by using Gamma's Prints feature. Prints allow partner artists to create low-cost, recursive editions from a single high-resolution original. This means that artists can create multiple copies of their artwork at a lower cost and distribute them to collectors. The Prints feature is available on the Gamma platform, where partner artists can browse and view different collections, such as TwelveFold and Squared. Each collection has its own floor price, volume, and number of items available. Partner artists can also sell their editions on the Ordinals marketplace, where collectors can buy them using BTC.

The cost of Prints varies depending on the specific artwork. The cost ranges from 20,000 sats ($5.28) to 75,000 sats ($19.79). Additional fees, such as Bitcoin fees and Gamma fees, are also included in the total cost.

Yes, there are limited edition collections available. Some examples include the Uncommon Patterns by Nullish collection, which consists of 50 algorithmically generated art pieces inscribed on uncommon sats, and the Megapunks collection, which is a 10,000 Ordinal NFT collection by Megapont. Additionally, the TwelveFold collection offers 300 generative art pieces inscribed onto satoshis on the Bitcoin blockchain, and the Squared collection features generative art pieces drawn and animated using P5.js.

Generative art refers to artwork that is created using algorithms or computer code. It is a form of digital art that is generated by a computer program, often resulting in unique and unpredictable visual outcomes.

To browse Prints, you can view the available collections such as TwelveFold and Squared. TwelveFold is a limited edition collection of generative art pieces inscribed onto satoshis on the Bitcoin blockchain. Squared is a generative art collection displayed as a grid of colored pixels that blink in a pattern. Additionally, you can explore individual Prints like "climb" by Alexander Rudloff, "Bearish Divergence" by Boozy, and "GM GIRL BTC" by Twick. Each Print has a limited edition number, print price in sats (satoshis) and USD, as well as associated Bitcoin and Gamma fees.

The floor price for the TwelveFold collection is 10 BTC.

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