GBM Overview

What is GBM?

GBM revolutionizes the auction process by creating a win-win scenario for all participants. This innovative platform ensures that bidding at an auction is always rewarding: if you win, you claim the prize, and if you're outbid, you receive your bid back plus a bonus incentive.

This system encourages active participation by guaranteeing that no one walks away empty-handed, making each auction an exciting and profitable experience.

70,000+ Auctions to date. $6m+ Earned by bidders. Supports any EVM chain.

Main Features
Fast and easy integration for any platform.
dApp availability, launch GBM auctions without a developer.
GBM auction support for any EVM chain.
Host GBM auctions using your ERC20 token for incentive payments.

Frequently asked questions

More participants Bidders are incentivised to bid, making your auctions more engaging and popular.

More revenue More participants and better price discovery means you always sell at the best possible price.

More fun Your auctions are fairer because bots lose their advantage, and everybody wins.

There is no cost to integrate the GBM auction mechanic on your platform. Our team will also support you with the implementation process.

ou can see a list of all current partners and read case studies detailing their success on the GBM website:

Contact them via their website and they'll arrange a call to begin the onboarding process. They can also show you a demo of their dApp to give you a clear view of how easy it is to use.

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