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What is pier?

A smart contract wallet with social & authenticator recovery, account abstraction and gas fee flexibility. Offers B2C & B2B services, with onboarding that requires no seed phrase, automatic gas fees and gas-free transactions on Polygon. Additionally, provides dedicated NFT community features such as push notifications to tokenholders. Also available as a wallet-as-a-service for businesses.

Main Features
Full capabilities of Web3 without compromising on simplicity
Seamless experience
Flexible user onboarding
No user-payed gas fees
Track your platform usage in our dashboard
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Frequently asked questions

To integrate Pier Wallet into your product, you can use their SDK or connect directly to their API. They provide easy-to-follow documentation and support from their developers when needed. Pier Wallet offers a seamless experience with flexible user onboarding and no user-paid gas fees. It upholds Web3 principles and provides tailored security with features like social recovery and authenticator recovery. With account abstraction, users can experience Web3 in a simple way, eliminating existing blockchain complexity. Additionally, Pier Wallet offers a ready-to-use app that can be customized to fit your needs, allowing you to easily distribute tokens and NFTs and add your own content.

The security features of Pier Wallet include:

  1. True self-custody: Users have full control over their private keys, ensuring ownership and control of their assets.

  2. Social recovery: Instead of relying solely on a seed phrase, Pier Wallet offers social recovery, allowing users to recover their wallet through a trusted network of friends or contacts.

  3. Authenticator recovery: In addition to social recovery, Pier Wallet also supports authenticator app recovery, providing an alternative method for users to regain access to their wallet.

  4. No user-payed gas fees: Pier Wallet's paymaster feature allows anyone to pay for users' transaction fees, eliminating the need for users to pay gas fees themselves.

  5. Tailored security: Pier Wallet prioritizes security by implementing measures such as social recovery and authenticator recovery, ensuring a secure and reliable user experience.

Overall, Pier Wallet aims to provide a seamless and secure Web3 experience while upholding the principles of Web3 and offering the simplicity of Web2.

Yes, Pier Wallet supports social and authenticator app recovery.

Yes, with Pier Wallet's paymaster feature, anyone can pay your users' transactions (gas fees).

Yes, Pier Wallet supports transaction batching and automation.

Yes, you can customize the Pier Wallet app to your needs. With the Pier Wallet app, you can customize your onboarding, easily distribute tokens and NFTs, and add your own content.

To get in touch with the Pier Wallet team, you can drop them a mail, join their community on Discord, or sign up for their newsletter.

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