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What is UniDex?

UniDex is a DeFi Dapp and DEX aggregator that allows traders to always get the best rates on the market. Additionally, it features a perpetual leverage trading platform with access to unique markets including forex, crypto, ETFs, and more.

Main Features
Aggregated Liquidity
No-bias approach
Robust SDK & API
Deepest Perp Liquidity
Swap meta-Aggregator

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Frequently asked questions

UniDex ensures the deepest liquidity for traders by aggregating as many sources as possible for the user's trade. They reach over 130 different liquidity sources for both perps and swaps, ensuring the most optimal fill. This approach eliminates bias and allows traders to swap through the best source with complete confidence.

UniDex's approach to bias-free swapping is to let users swap through the best source without any bias. They have the highest confidence score in the ecosystem, ensuring that traders can trade with complete confidence. UniDex's order router aggregates over 130 different liquidity sources for both perps and swaps, ensuring users get the deepest liquidity and the most optimal fill.

UniDex provides the following tools for developers:

  1. Leverage Trading Dapp: UniDex offers a leverage trading decentralized application (Dapp) that allows traders to access liquidity from multiple Perpetual DEXs. It supports trading with up to 500x leverage, offers a wide range of markets, and has the lowest trade fees based on trade lifetime. It also provides multiple collateral options, aggregated cross-chain orders, and access to pairs from other platforms.

  2. Perp Aggregation: UniDex's leverage trading terminal splits trades between multiple protocols to find the most optimal fill. It offers deep liquidity for Perpetual swaps and allows traders to access pairs that may not be supported on other platforms.

  3. Swap Meta-Aggregator: UniDex serves as an aggregator for swapping tokens, providing the highest confidence score for swap rates and fills in the DeFi ecosystem. It offers aggregated liquidity from over 119 sources, with an all-time trading volume of $0.9 billion. Traders can swap smarter and have complete confidence in their trades.

  4. Robust SDK & API: UniDex provides developers with a robust software development kit (SDK) and application programming interface (API) tools. These tools enable faster order execution, more control over trades, and the ability to build custom frontends and bots. Developers can also be rewarded for bringing in volume.

In addition to these tools, UniDex offers benefits such as saving money on trades, trading with complete confidence, and receiving bonuses for inviting friends using their referral link.

UniDex provides deep liquidity for leverage trading by aggregating liquidity from multiple Perp DEXs and over 130 different liquidity sources. This ensures that traders can access the deepest liquidity for their trades. UniDex's order router searches for the most optimal fill by splitting trades between multiple protocols. Additionally, UniDex offers a no-bias approach, allowing traders to swap through the best source without any bias. This, combined with their high confidence score, gives traders complete confidence in their trades.

UniDex aggregates and compares orders across various aggregators to ensure efficient and cost-effective swapping. It can batch multiple orders from off-chain, on-chain, or cross-chain liquidity sources. UniDex's order router searches over 130 different liquidity sources to find the most optimal fill, providing deep liquidity for traders. It offers a no-bias approach, allowing users to swap through the best source without any bias. UniDex also provides a robust SDK & API for developers to have faster order execution and more control over trades. Additionally, UniDex supports intent-based swaps, where users can compare prices against eight other aggregators and fill their orders at the best rate offered by the network. It also offers aggregated limit orders from 15 different meta-aggregators, potentially passing additional surplus to traders. UniDex is available on nine EVM networks and supports gasless transactions without the need for native tokens.

The benefits of using UniDex for leverage trading include access to liquidity from multiple Perp DEXs, saving money and time, trading up to 500x leverage, a wide range of markets, lowest trade fees by trade lifetime, multiple collateral options, aggregated cross-chain orders, and access to pairs from other platforms. For liquidity providers, UniDex offers 30% of trading fees paying the pool, highly efficient market making by an automated engine, automated risk assessment for hedged positions, and natural/organic yield. Additionally, UniDex provides a superior swapping experience, deepest liquidity, a no-bias approach, robust SDK & API tools for developers, and the opportunity to save money and receive bonuses through referral links.

To access the Obsidian RPC service for web3 access, you can choose your desired chain (such as Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, AVAX, Arbitrum, Optimism, or Fantom) and use the corresponding RPC endpoint provided by Obsidian. For example, if you want to access the Ethereum chain, you can use the following endpoint: https://eth.obsidianrpc.com. Obsidian RPC automatically pulls data from multiple RPC providers, ensuring reliability and speed. It is a free service funded by protocol revenue and does not require user data sign-up or collect and sell user data.

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