RBX Overview

What is RBX?

RBX is a DeFi Dapp ecosystem and protocols aimed at boosting capital flow for traders. It's a multi-chain trading platform designed to offer user-friendly, secure, and anonymous trading tools, making trading much better than before.

Main Features
Decentralized and unrestricted trading across multiple blockchains
SkipShift for easy fiat-to-crypto conversion without KYC verification
Token deployment on secondary blockchains through the Bridge feature
Direct trading between individuals through trustless smart contracts
Staking and farming platform for creating reward systems

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Frequently asked questions

The main features of RBX Token include access to a DeFi ecosystem with exclusive features and tools, the ability to benefit from RBX revenue through staking, 0% buy fees and 2% sell fees, and a token distribution where most tokens are locked up in bridge contracts and staking contracts. The revenue generated through RBX Token's suite of products is reinvested back into the token through the staking mechanism. Additionally, RBX Token has a core team led by renowned pseudonymous developer "Sycore" and has received positive testimonials for its decentralized tools and products.

SkipShift is a fully decentralized peer-to-peer on and off-ramp that enables users to seamlessly transition between fiat and cryptocurrency without any KYC verification. It provides a trustless smart contract system for OTC trades, allowing users to safely trade directly with individuals without affecting the price. Additionally, SkipShift offers a staking and farming platform where token holders can temporarily provide their tokens to a smart contract and receive rewards.

The Bridge feature is used to enable projects to deploy their tokens on a secondary blockchain and allows holders to swap their assets between different blockchains.

To trade directly with other individuals on RBX Token, you can take advantage of the OTC Trades feature. This allows you to trade directly with a counterpart without having to go through a third party. Additionally, RBX decentralized exchange offers Limit Orders, where you can name the price and wait for the order to be filled. This is particularly useful for high volatility assets. Another feature available on RBX decentralized exchange is Whale Orders, which performs algorithmic trades to help you extract the most value when buying or selling large amounts of tokens.

Yes, you can trade RBX Token at predetermined prices using RBX Limit Orders. RBX Limit Orders allow you to initiate trades at pre-set prices set by the user in an order book fashion, similar to a centralized exchange but through RBX decentralized exchange.

RBX Token is held by various entities. Most of the tokens are locked up in bridge contracts and staking contracts, with over 50% in bridge contracts and around 30% to 40% in staking contracts. The remaining tokens are held in multi-sig wallets for additional bridging supply and chain-specific staking rewards. All additional supply is publicly circulating. There are no team tokens, as all tokens held by the team were bought on the open market.

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