Wagmi Labs Trading Hub Overview

What is Wagmi Labs Trading Hub?

One unique platform that puts all NFT trading tools in one place. Access charts, bots, profile stats, tax tools, volume analytics, collection analytics, and marketplace aggregator with a single subscription.

Main Features
All-in-one suite with tools, marketplaces, bots, and more
NFT data API for web3 native startups
Profit calculator to track trading numbers
Free version with no commitments
Pro plan with full access to charts, bots, tax tools, and more

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Frequently asked questions

Wagmi Labs is a web3 software startup that has developed the first all-in-one platform for trading NFTs. It offers a range of tools, marketplaces, bots, and more in one webpage, making it a comprehensive solution for web3 native startups. The platform is designed by traders for investors and aims to provide a superior trading experience compared to traditional marketplaces. Wagmi Labs also offers a free version of its platform with limited features and a pro plan that provides full access to all charts, bots, live views, tax tools, and wallet management features. The company was founded by Federico Cavallini, who serves as the co-founder, developer, and CTO, and Mattia Cavallini, who is the co-founder and CEO.

The main features of the platform are:

  1. All-In-One Platform for Trading NFTs: The platform is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

  2. Free and Pro Plan: The platform offers a free version with limited features and a Pro Plan that provides full access to all charts, bots, live views, tax tools, and wallet manager.

  3. NFT Data API: The platform offers an NFT Data API that provides web3 native startups with tools, marketplaces, bots, and more in one webpage.

  4. Designed by Traders for Investors: The platform is developed by traders with the aim of providing a user-friendly experience for investors in the NFT space.

  5. Pricing: The platform's pricing is dynamic and adjusts based on the price of ETH. There is a limited-time discount available.

  6. Team: The platform is developed by a team consisting of co-founders, including a developer and CTO with experience in the crypto and NFT space, and an entrepreneur and CEO.

The Pro plan offered by Wagmi Labs costs 0.03 ETH per month.

Wagmi Labs offers a free version of their platform. Their website mentions their "free Profit Calc" tool and states that it is "FOREVER FREE." Additionally, under the "PLATFORM PRICING" section, it is mentioned that there is a "Free" plan available, which allows users to use their platform for free without any commitments.

The all-in-one suite includes tools, marketplaces, bots, and much more, all accessible on one webpage.

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