Yagi Overview

What is Yagi?

Yagi is a yield aggregator operating on StarkNet, designed to enhance the growth of Ethereum assets through sophisticated Layer 2 solutions.

Yagi serves as a bridge for users seeking to navigate the DeFi landscape on StarkNet, offering a simplified approach to yield generation and asset growth.

Main Features
Yield Aggregation: Collaborates with leading StarkNet DeFi protocols to aggregate yield opportunities, providing users with optimal investment routes.
Targeted Vaults: Offers curated vaults that simplify the investment process into various StarkNet protocols, streamlining the deposit of funds.
Third-Party Vaults: Integrates third-party vaults using a unified user interface for ease of access and management.
Economies of Scale: Vaults pool capital from multiple users, reducing gas costs and maximizing protocol incentives.

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