Argent X Overview

What is Argent X?

Argent X is a browser extension wallet that allows you to easily explore the StarkNet ecosystem. Creating an Argent X account takes less than a minute. Simply download from either Chrome or Firefox, then complete the quick onboarding process, and like that, you have instant access to testnet and StarkNet mainnet, allowing you to interact with StarkNet Dapps. With Argent X, you can send, receive and store ETH and other ERC-20 tokens. You can also mint, view, and securely store StarkNet NFTs. Argent X is currently separate from Argent mobile, but the two wallets will merge in the future.

Main Features
Seamless user experience
Open-source and under regular security audits
NFT management
StarkNet Focus
Starknet dApp integration

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Frequently asked questions

By operating on StarkNet, Argent X leverages zero-knowledge rollups to bundle many transactions into a single batch, significantly reducing the gas fees per transaction by spreading the cost across multiple users and transactions.

Currently, Argent X does not support directly importing existing wallets.

You can install Argent X by visiting the Chrome Web Store or the website for other supported browsers, searching for Argent X, and adding the extension to your browser. Follow the on-screen instructions to create or import a wallet.

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