Braavos Overview

What is Braavos?

Braavos Wallet is a self-custodial wallet for Starknet designed to provide an intuitive and secure gateway into the world of crypto, supporting a range of platforms including Android, iOS, and various web browsers.

Braavos Wallet aims to make the benefits of crypto accessible and safe, offering a user-friendly interface and comprehensive features for both beginners and experienced users in the Web3 space.

Main Features
Multi-Platform Support: Accessible on Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, and more, ensuring you can manage your tokens on any device.
Comprehensive Token Management: A single app allows you to buy, store, and send various cryptocurrencies with ease.
Transaction Clarity: Offers a transaction explainer to help users understand the transactions they're signing, eliminating confusion.
NFT Management: Manage all your NFTs, including music, video, images, and 3D NFTs, viewable directly within the wallet.
Easy Fund Deposits: Add funds via credit card, Apple Pay, transfers from crypto exchanges, Ethereum L1, or other blockchains.
Token Swapping: Swap tokens like ETH, DAI, and USDC at competitive rates directly from the wallet.
Cost-Efficient and Secure: Braavos Wallet provides lower fees while maintaining the security standards inherited from Ethereum.

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