Blaze Overview

What is Blaze?

Blaze is a revolutionary NFT minting platform offering a unique minting experience with Blast's native yield feature. It offers a 100% refundable option in the event that the NFT's floor price falls below its mint price, allowing users to mint NFTs without taking any risks. Minters have the option to exchange their NFT for the original mint price paid when the lock-up term expires. This approach increases trust among users by backing NFT collections with their mint price, making refunds possible.

Main Features
Risk-free NFT minting
Floor price protection for minted NFTs
Option for refundable and traditional minting experiences
Increased trust through mint price-backed refunds

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Frequently asked questions

On Blaze, the refund option for minted NFTs works by allowing collectors to exchange their NFT for its corresponding mint price once a specified lock-up period has concluded.

There are two minting options available - Refundable and Traditional Minting. Refundable minting allows collectors to exchange their NFT for its corresponding mint price when the lock-up period ends. While Traditional minting is the conventional minting experience familiar to most users, where NFTs are minted without the option for a refund based on the mint price.

After the NFT is returned for a refund, it is listed on the Blur marketplace on a Dutch auction. The listing price will drop by 10% every 24 hours until a buyer is found.

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