LooksRare Overview

What is LooksRare?

LooksRare is a decentralized NFT marketplace running on Ethereum that allows users to list, buy, sell, raffle and trade NFTs. When users buy or sell NFTs on the platform, they earn LOOKS tokens, which are the native cryptocurrency of LooksRare. These tokens can then be staked for additional rewards. There are also games integrated with the LooksRare platform where users can play to gamble and earn ETH.

Main Features
Earn rewards through trading and collecting NFTs
Wide variety of NFT collections available
Play games and earn more ETH
Opportunity to earn LOOKS tokens
User-friendly interface for easy navigation

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Frequently asked questions

You can earn LOOKS tokens on LooksRare in three ways: through trading fees (both buying and selling NFTs), by staking your existing LOOKS tokens, and potentially by participating in platform features like raffles or future promotions.

LooksRare charges a transaction fee for sales on the platform, but part of this fee is returned to users as rewards.

Simply fill out an application detailing your influence and activities, and upon approval, you will receive a referral string to use across various platforms. When referrals engage in 'maker' activities like creating listings or making offers through your link, you'll earn ETH. Track your success and earnings through a dedicated dashboard, enhancing your impact in the crypto community.

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