Decentralized Oracles

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Decentralized Oracles Overview

What do we mean by Decentralized Oracles?

Oracles act as a bridge, enabling the Web3 decentralized ecosystem to tap into existing data sources, legacy systems, and complex calculations. Through decentralized oracle networks (DONs), decentralized applications can respond to real-world events. This is made possible by blending on-chain code with off-chain resources, giving rise to hybrid smart contracts.

Consider a scenario where Alice and Bob wish to place a wager on a sports game's result. Alice puts $20 on team A, while Bob stakes $20 on team B, with the smart contract securely holding the total $40. Once the match concludes, how does the smart contract determine whether Alice or Bob is the winner? The solution lies in an oracle mechanism that securely and reliably retrieves the precise match results from off-chain and delivers them to the blockchain.

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